Write It On a Rock #2

Feb 28th 2010

If we want to get honest about life, we need to recognize that sometimes it isn’t easy, The_Rock_by_DJMattRicksand sometimes our friends aren’t our friends, and sometime we even wonder if God is against us.  That’s where Job was at in Job 19 (see my rock1 post)…but that’s not where he stayed.  His story takes a turn.  It’s a turn that caused me to ask myself…

What Words Are Engraved On My Rock?  In vs. 23-24 Job cries out…

Oh, that my words could be recorded.  Oh, that they could be inscribed on a monument, carved with an iron chisel and filled with lead, engraved forever in the rock.

What words do you want to be remembered for…?   We all have some words that we remember our parents saying right?

  • – Don’t run with that stick you might poke your eye out…
  • – Don’t shoot those spit wads, you might poke someone’s else’s eye out.
  • – Always wear clean underwear…just in case…
  • – If you fall and break your leg don’t come running to me.
  • – I brought you into this world and I can take you out.

What is your life message?  What would you want to be engraved on your own personal monument?

I hope that my kids always remember that I told them,  “I love you no matter what.  Nothing  you can do would ever make me love you less.  And nothing you can do will ever make me love you more.  I just love you.”  I hope my kids remember me often saying, “I see great potential in you.  God is doing stuff in you and he will do stuff through you that you can’t imagine.  I see it in you, even if you don’t.”

It’s important to take moments and reflect and consider what words will you be remembered for…and what is your life message.  But Job was asking for a rock, not to engrave his life message or even his last message, he wasn’t writing the epitaph for his tomb stone.

Job was calling for a rock, bcse he wanted to write down words of hope and words of promise, words of truth, that would help him make it through his wilderness experience.  That’s how we make it through the times when life isn’t easy, and friends aren’t friends and it seems like even God is against us.  We remember words of truth,  words of hope, promises from God that are not defined by our circumstances and we write it on a rock.

What words of promise and hope… what words from God do you hang on to as “true no matter what?”  Write those on a rock.