A Church Without Walls Vision

Walls separate. Walls isolate. Walls can cast a large shadow. God calls us to connect in life-giving relationships with Him, each other and the world.

Envision a community of people living a life so extraordinary — at work, in the neighborhood, at school — that it’s like a light shining in the darkness, living life and giving life in such a way that a whole region is being transformed.

Envision a community of people with open hearts who extend open hands to bring wholeness to the broken, comfort to the grieving, and help to those in need.

Envision a community founded on the stability of truth and understanding the power of grace; a community that regularly experiences a sense of awe because of God’s good deeds being done in and through people.

Envision a community where people come from all over the world to find their calling, get equipped for life, and go out to transform the world through life-giving connections.

Envision a community so passionate about Jesus Christ and the glory of God that God doesn’t just visit their community, He pitches His tent.

Our mission is to glorify God by transforming people, community, and culture through life-giving relationships…

  1. …with God. {C-WoW1}
    …with each other. {C-WoW2}
    …with the world around us. {C-WoW3}

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