Monday Morning Quarterback

Nov 08th 2010

Okay, it’s not Monday morning, actually as I’m writing this it’s almost Tuesday morning.  mmqbBut I decided — at least for awhile — to give my blog a bit of consistency.  So it’s Monday Morning Quarterback.  For those not up on football lingo a Monday Morning Quarterback is “one who critiques from a position of hindsight.”  So on Monday’s it will be MMQ — Monday morning reflections on the weekend.  So here goes…

1) We had some technical difficulties all over the place.  Calvary Grays Woods had set-up problems.  Midtown 9am didn’t get a video — so Pastor Stac ended up preaching.  Calvary Classic had some projection difficulties.  Two thoughts on all of this.  First, our Tech Crews do a fantastic job!  They are like the offensive line, you only notice them when there is a problem and most often we don’t notice them.  Secondly God is worthy of our best, but he doesn’t need it.  Technical glitches can’t keep God from speaking to you, if you want to listen.

2) Had more comments than usual this weekend about God at work in people’s hearts.  Resurrection changes everything.  Keep praying for God to settle that message deep in our hearts.

3) I spoke at Grays Woods yesterday for the first time in weeks.  It is always a joy to see God at work out there.  People I don’t even know coming up and saying hi.  They are reaching their neighbors for Christ and all of us can say, “Go God!” to that.

4) Leadership Advance 2011 was announced at a number of the gatherings.  This time around Leadership Advance will run from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon.  That means that it will be more convenient for non-student adults.  If you are interested, click .

5) Coach Paterno’s 400.  I need not say anymore.

6) Resurrection Changes Everything.  If you were not with us this weekend, we discussed “leaving the in-between life.”  I closed with these words.

Some of you this weekend, you have experienced resurrection. But it was a while ago, and over the course of the years, you’ve done everything you could to starve it out. You’ll go for weeks without feasting on God’s word. You play with sin like it’s a carnival ride instead of russian roulette. Can you remember what it was like in those moments when the life of God coursed through your heart? Don’t you want that back?

Some of you are at least slightly interested in God’s offer of life — but what you are looking for is plastic surgery more so than resurrection. You still want to hang on to certain parts of your life that you think you can manage — just give God the parts you can’t — make it look good God. Won’t work. You’re dead. Resurrection only works if you give him the whole dead thing.

Finally some of you this weekend are so ready for the life God has for you. You are so tired of the in-between. God’s been at work pouring out grace — kissing yr soul. But you are unsure…there is something in you that wants what you have heard about — wants life unrestrained. But you have doubts.

Listen to me — this dissatisfaction within you is grace. God has already kissed your soul. To even want to believe, to even want to know God is evidence of God’s grace poured out for your resurrection.

Whether your faith is great or seems small, simpy exercise faith, let your faith grab God’s grace. Commit yourself to him in the degree that you can and He will come. Take a step of faith in the darkness. Be open to new possibilities. Go back to Galilee.  Don’t let fear have the final word. Let the resurrection change everything.

That’s my prayer for us this week.  Let the resurrection change everything.  If you would like to listen to the whole message — go to

      1. Untamed Jesus