Calvary on Campus: What God Is Doing

Oct 01st 2010

A couple of weeks ago, the whole Calvary family gathered together at Eisenhower for a worship gathering.  calvary on campusWe invited our friends and a couple of thousand people were there to ponder the prodigal love of God. (If you didn’t get a chance to join us click Prodigal God to watch.)  It was a great day.  God showed up and touched a bunch of hearts.  So in three blog posts I shared some of my thoughts about what God did.  So one last blog post related to Calvary on Campus…not so much what God did, but what God is doing. Leaving the past tense to ponder future tense.

The day after Calvary on Campus, someone sent me these words in an e-mail…

I just wanted to add confirmation to your your inspired call to “the broken” on Sunday. I believe it was not only a call to the crowd gathered but to the campus community and that the Lord will honor the call and it will bear fruit in the coming months of this academic year. There will be testimonies that will build faith in the body of Christ in the Valley.

In other words he was saying, “Dan it’s not done.”  That really resonated with my heart.  In the 21 days leading up to Calvary on Campus…many of us were on the campus prayer-walking.  For those who walked and prayed it simply seemed like God was stirring up something in our hearts.  But when Calvary on Campus was done…it felt like the stirring…was still stirring.

The day after Calvary on Campus — my day off — Lynn and I were driving and talking.  We spent a good part of our time together talking about Calvary on Campus and the 21 Days of Prayer.  What I had sensed in my heart, God had already put on her heart.  Calvary on Campus was not a culmination.  It was not just an event.  It is supposed to be the beginning, of the beginning.

Recently someone who spent a good deal of time prayer-walking wrote me these words…

As I prayed over the 21 days, sometimes on a prayer-walk, sometimes not, I kept asking God to show me what’s on his heart for Penn State students and to let us see students as He does…  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of young people out there who have been so wounded… my heart is wrenched over the hurt these young people have felt/carry and I can’t help but think, how the Lord must weep over knowing and seeing it all.  I keep saying to Him, “Show me what to do with this opportunity that is literally at my doorstep and don’t let me miss what YOU are up to, God!”  …I think I’m getting it… as a result of prayer-walking on campus and of Calvary on Campus what seems to be on God’s heart is the broken, lonely students and He longs for His people to do something more intentional about it.

So at the moment, we believe God is calling us to continue our prayer-walking on campus.  As Lynn and I have talked about how to make this happen…we decided to survey the staff to see who might be willing to continue the prayer.  Almost everyone said yes.  So know I want to give you an opportunity to let us know if you would like to continue.  ban1

The easiest way for us to do that is through a zoomerang survey.  So would you please click this link PRAYER ON CAMPUS, and take the survey.  It’s 6 questions, won’t take you more than a few minutes.

Thanks!  I’m excited to see what God wants to keep doing!