Resolutions #3

Jan 01st 2011

Sociological bean-counters report that now barely one in three of us continue to make the traditional New Year’s Resolution. And of course of those who still make them… our success rate is on the low side. Is it any wonder??? resolutionsMidnight strikes and we vow to lose twenty pounds; midnight strikes and we vow to rise an hour earlier in order to exercise; midnight strikes and we vow our commitment to a new spiritual discipline. We make an every day promise, a never-always promise — then suddenly we realize a whole year of every day — always — never stretches out ahead of us. No wonder resolution-making is falling by the wayside.

Recently I read this question from another author, “…what if we looked at the New Year as a sea of possibilities, instead of an ocean of responsibilities?” Now nothing against responsibilities, we all have them and our success in life is shaped by how we respond to them… but that statement is leading me toward making a Bucket-List for 2011.

The Bucket-List was popularized recently by the movie of the same name with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  The idea is to create a list of things you want to do before you die, before you kick the bucket.  It’s more of a “possibilities” list than it is a “responsibilities” list.  So — not hoping to die by 2012 — but here is my first draft of a 2011 bucket list.. (not necessarily in order of priority).

1) Lay out by a campfire at Bald Eagle State Park and spend a few hours being amazed by the stars.

2) Spend three days alone with God — no tech stuff, just my Bible and a notebook.

3) Read through the whole Bible.

4) Surprise Lynn with a trip to somewhere she has never been.  I know I’ll really have to work at the surprise part, since she reads my blog.

5) Take a great family vacation with the WHOLE family.

6) Make a sacrificial gift.  One that makes me shake my head like Are you sure we should do that God?

7) Read a good biography.  I don’t read many of those, but I need the inspiration and the modeling that comes from looking at someone’s life in-depth.

8) Go Scuba Diving.

9) Plan (with Lynn) and start a new family tradition.

10) Share my faith, one on one with someone in State College.

11) Take at least 12 media Sabbaths.

Rough draft…might add or subtract…but it gets me somewhat excited about the new year.