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Who am I?

The Nolds

My name is Dan Nold. I’ve been a follower of Jesus for about 40 years; a husband of Lynn for almost 25 years; a father of Sarah, Katy; Jake and Josh for all their years; and a pastor of Calvary for almost 15 years.

Why dancing cripples?

I don’t even dance. Okay so I’ve tried…but I’m not much of a dancer. So why dancing cripples? The phrase comes from a story in the early years of the Jesus movement, where a crippled man was healed. It hit me as I read that story that I know the smile that comes when grace touches the crippled areas of my life. These are just some stories, thoughts and observations from a dancing cripple whose best hope is to be an exhibition of God’s grace.

What is the blog about?

Leadership in a changing world; missional living; being a part of a “church without walls;” the journey of life with my family, whatever else comes up

Can I be contacted?

Yep, it’s