A Super (Bowl) Apology

Feb 06th 2009

Some say it was one of the all-time best Superbowls in history…and I watched about 3 seconds of the first half as I was walking through the Charlotte International Airport.  I had a wedding in Key West Florida and when I made the plane reservations I wasn’t thinking about the Superbowl, just trying to stay in Florida as long as possible.  So I watched about 3 seconds of the first half as I walked through the airport.  Then I listened to the last four minutes on the radio as we drove from the Baltimore Airport.

Okay, so here is the apology.  I’m a Kurt Warner fan.  Have been since he was with the Rams.  My dad is a Rams fan.  So I was cheering for the Cardinals.  I know those of you who are Steelers fans you are thinking…you should apologize and the only reason you will forgive me is because the Steelers won.  But actually I’m not apologizing for cheering for Kurt.  I want to apologize because at some point during those last four minutes I prayed for the Cardinals.  I asked God to help them win.

I’ve always told people that I don’t pray for the weather and I don’t pray for sports teams to win.  But I slipped.  I fell.  I prayed.  At some point in the last 60 seconds, I prayed.  I prayed multiple times.  I prayed that the Steelers wouldn’t score and then I prayed that the Cardinals would.  I told God that Kurt Warner is such a strong Christian and in the post game interview he will talk about you (God).  So let him win.  You can let him win.

The reason I don’t pray for sports teams to win is that I’ve always figured that each team would probably have a Christian or two on it…or a Christian fan or two praying for it.  Why put God in a bind?  But to be honest in the moment I told myself that there probably aren’t any Steeler Christians…so I prayed.

Then someone sent me the video above.  Guess there was at least one Christian on the other side.  So I’m going to go back to my old philosophy, no praying for sports teams to win… unless Jake or Josh are playing.  I think God will understand that one.

Congratulations to all Steeler fans.  Sorry Kurt.