You Can’t Cancel Church

Dec 30th 2013

Last weekend we had a church sabbatical. We cancelled church.  Well we didn’t actually cancel church, we just cancelled the weekend, corporate worship gatherings.  Below is the letter I sent to the Calvary family.  Even though it’s all about a weekend that already passed, it’s really all about, “being the church whenever you are wherever” or something like that.  Here is the letter,

Dear D-News Friends,

Church is not a place, it’s a people.
Church is not an address, it’s a movement.

Place is important. Meeting together requires place and meeting together is vital, but church is more than a place. Which is why you can’t really cancel church, people have tried for years but the people keep following Jesus and Jesus keeps building his church.

So this weekend we aren’t meeting together in our typical locations at our typical weekend times, but that doesn’t mean we are canceling church.  In fact let me encourage you to take time to be the church this weekend.  How?  Here are 10 ways to be the church this weekend.

1. Send a note to someone who is going through a dark time. Use scripture.  Be encouraging. Write out your prayer for them in the note. Email is okay. Snail mail is even better. Or try a phone…you know that thing you text with. By the way, text doesn’t count. It’s too easy.

2. Do a random act of generosity this weekend. Take out your wallet/purse right now. Find the largest bill (or gift card) and take it out. I know this is dangerous. Now take a moment and pray, “God show me who needs this, this weekend.” Now go be the church.

3. Go to and sponsor a child.

4. Visit a local church this weekend and bless them with your presence and your offering. Sure Calvary can use your gift but God smiles when we bless others.  Let’s make him smile.

5. Gather some family or friends around you, read the Christmas story and ask two questions. a. What part of the Christmas story impacts you the most?  b. What would it look like for you to live Christmas out throughout the whole year?

6. Take some time to pray and consider your part in our ONE% offering. Go to ONE for more info or to give online.

7. Spend an hour alone with God.  Read through a gospel. Make a list of everything in 2013 for which you are grateful. Ask God to show you what area of your life he wants to work on in 2014. Spend time praying.  Listen to some of your favorite worship music.

8. Go for a prayerwalk alone or with a friend. Pray for the people you see, the homes you walk past. Ask God to give you a heart of compassion for your city/neighborhood.

9. Have a neighbor over for lunch. After all, loving your neighbor is our second greatest command!

10. Go for a long drive with your favorite worship music and pray and sing to God with whispers, shouts, laughter and even tears. Sometimes that’s what I do.

That’s church too. I’m looking forward to hearing how church was this weekend!

Pastor Dan