Wow 18 Days Without Blogging

Aug 26th 2009

Okay so it’s not like it was hard.  But here is the short version of what took place in the last 18 days.

  • Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach.
  • Lost my $6.00 sunglasses when a wave crashed over my head.
  • Found a $142.00 pair of sunglasses floating in the surf.
  • Got beat jogging with my son on the beach — that’s my 8th grader Josh — Jake won’t race me.
  • Ran out of gas on the way home from Myrtle  — yep that’s right, ran out of gas.
  • Moved my daughter Sarah out of her room into her apartment downtown — Sr. Year at PSU!
  • Turned 46.
  • Took my daughter Katy out to Bethel in MN to start her sophomore year.
  • Hung out with my mom and dad and siblings in South Dakota for 2 days.
  • Visited my nephew Riley in the hospital in Ann Arbor for open heart surgery.  He got out in 4 days!
  • 27 hours in the car on the way home from South Dakota via Minneapolis and Ann Arbor.
  • Catching up at Calvary.

It was a good 18 days — but I am so glad to be worshiping with the folks at Calvary this weekend!