Today A President Was Sworn In

Jan 20th 2017

Today a new person was sworn in as the President of the United States. The peaceful transfer of power is really an amazing process. The United States has been doing this government thing for a long time.

But God has been doing it far longer.

Some do not recognize His hand, some may question His heart, but for me, the hand of God and the heart of God is the only thing that truly gives lasting hope.

God has been in the hope business far longer than any of us can remember.

So today’s inauguration, like every inauguration, calls us to pray. We are called to pray for our nation and it’s leaders. But specifically, on this day, we are called to pray for our President. Some are so hardened against President Trump that they may not think prayer will make a difference. Some are so oblivious to his failings that they may not think that prayer is needed.

Neither response embraces the gospel, both are wrong. The truth of the gospel tells me that we all need prayer. The grace of the gospel tells me that no one is beyond redemption.

None of us know what the future holds. But I believe that the shape of the next four years will be determined more by God, and the prayers of His people, than Washington D.C.