The Story Behind the Song

May 29th 2009

A couple of weeks ago I preached about Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones.  (If you want to listen

      1. click here
.) It’s such a great story.  No hope = dry bones.  Then Ezekiel preaches the Word of God — the people hear the word of God and the bones begin connecting, tendons, muscles and skin form over the bones, but there is still no life.  Then Ezekiel cries out to the Spirit of God, the breath of God, the wind of God to breathe life into skin and bones.  The Spirit comes and there is a might army of hope ready to bring life to the valley.

It’s all about hope — being hope-givers — making declarations of God’s hope over people and valleys and cities that are lacking in hope.  It’s all about crying out to God to breathe life into dry bones.

It seemed appropriate after the message to sing a song — You are God of This City.  I love this song.  It is my current passion favorite, a powerful song that is a declaration of hope, a song that cries out to God to breathe life into dry bones.  So before we sang the song I shared the back-story to the song.  The song was given by God — literally given by God to a band called Blue Tree.  I’ll let Chris Tomlin share the story behind the song… just click the video below.