The Hole in Our Gospel

Jun 16th 2009

Last week, I spent the week with Lynn celebrating our 25th anniversary.  It was a week filled with blessings.  It started with some friends basically giving us the trip — condo and airfare.  I’m always humbled and grateful when I am on the receiving end of generosity.  Then there was the beauty of the Caribbean water.  I’ve never been there before and was awed by shades of blue that I didn’t know existed.  Then on our actual anniversary — we spent part of the day on a somewhat deserted stretch of white sand beach.  We followed that by an anniversary meal overlooking a marina.  Lynn had fillet Mignon and I had grouper and we left room for dessert.  One blessing after another — all wrapped up in the blessing of 25 years with Lynn and our family.  I have been so blessed.

So then I read a book by the president of World Vision — “The Hole in Our Gospel.”  It’s all about the opportunities to be a blessing to people in need, around the world.  As I read I alternated between conviction and consecration, between tears of sorrow and tears of inspiration.  It’s filled with facts, scripture, stories, and Richard Stern’s journey from success to significance and servanthood.

It’s a good book.  I will give away a copy to anyone who promises to listen to the Spirit of God and do something after reading it.  We have been blessed to be a blessing.