The Blessing

Jun 11th 2011

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to join with some other Calvary families to celebrate and bless our sons and daughters graduating from high school.  jakeHigh School graduation happens about once every three years in our family.  Jake is our 3rd of 4.

It has been an amazing joy to watch Jake grow.  (Actually I can say the same about all our kids.) Jake’s grown physically — he’s almost as tall as me now.  He’s grown in wisdom — though he’s made some decisions that I would not have made if he was asking me to make them, like the whole cigar thing…  :)  I think he’s grown intellectually, though you wouldn’t know it by how many times he’s asked, “Can I skip school today?”  He’s grown as a leader.  I challenged him a could of years ago, that God had given him leadership capacities and than he needed to find places to exercise that leadership.  He has and I’m excited to see how God might use that in the future.  He’s grown as a friend.  6thgradersWaitThat’s one of the things that Lynn and I will miss next year, is having his friends hang out in our basement…though our grocery bill will undoubtedly decrease.

One of the most meaningful things we did at the Senior Celebration was to speak a blessing over our kids.  The speaking of a “blessing” is a biblical tradition with great meaning.  It has a backward and forward feel to it.  Looking back at what God has done, and looking forward to what He will do.  But it’s more than just compliments and dreams.  There is a spiritual, even supernatural component.  It’s a calling about God and a speaking with faith into the future.

Here is the one we spoke over Jacob.

Jake, in the name of Jesus, we bless you.  We bless you with all the promises and dreams that God has in his heart for you.  We bless your ears to hear words filled with truth and grace, the life-giving words of scripture, and the voice of Jesus calling you to follow him with all your heart.  We bless your heart to be huge, with room for all the people God puts in your path.  We bless your heart to be filled with courage and loyalty and faith, that because of God’s love flowing through you, no one will ever feel left out, when you are around.  We bless your mind to be filled with optimism, and a positive attitude.  We bless the ability that God has given you to see what is good in others and the desire to help them become all God wants them to be.  God has given you these abilities so that you can be a servant-leader.

Your positive spirit brings laughter and joy to our lives. Your courageous heart is loyal to your friends, but big enough to care for those who feel left out.  Your faith is strong, your commitment to do what’s right makes us proud.  You are loyal, courageous, and faithful.

We love these things about you and ask God to open the windows of heaven to bless you as you seek to become who He has crated you to be.  We love you.  We are glad that God gave us you.  We can’t wait to see all he does in you and through you.   Love Mom and Dad

Let me challenge you, if you haven’t spoken a blessing over your kids, it’s never too late and you don’t have to wait until graduation.  Yeah I pretty much love my family.

hhi family