The 2 Degree Shift

Jan 14th 2011

So last weekend Calvary hosted it’s 10th Leadership Advance.  An amazing group of young men and women gathered for 40+ hours to listen for the voice of God speaking into their lives.  They did personal assessments, team-building (or some would say team-destroying) initiatives, a group project and listened to some messages on how God has shaped them for a great purpose.

I love Leadership Advance.  I love seeing the way God has shaped someone.  I get excited when the lights come on in someone’s heart in those aha-so-this-is-what-God-is-doing moments.  I love watching God take something good and aim it toward something great.  Sometimes all it takes is a touch, a word, a nudge to get someone moving in the right direction. In fact, I would say that the best things that happen at Leadership Advance are the slight redirections of a life. A 2 degree shift in direction — over the course of a lifetime — will take you to whole new worlds.

I guess that’s why I love this youtube video…

So I know what you are asking…what in the world does that have to do with Leadership Advance or discovering our calling? Well two years ago, HKBecky put a video on youtube of two cats playing around — the pattycake video. In two years it’s received over 1.3 million views — not bad for a video of cats. Then JustinCElliott took that video and he and has friend added a voice over — that’s all — nothing substantially different. In two months his video received over 7 million views!

Just a word or two added to what was already good, just a slight change of plans added to an okay plan, just a half-twisted new perspective on something that’s been around for awhile and all of a sudden your on a whole new trajectory. Do you know that if a rocket to the moon were to blast off from Cape Canaveral and be just 2 degrees off in it’s trajectory… it would miss the whole moon by 11,121 miles.

So what is it in your life that could use a 2 degree shift? What do you have that while good, with a bit more time, effort, a new look…might become great? Where is your life headed in the wrong direction? Maybe it seems like coming back is insurmountable, maybe all it takes is a 2 degree shift and some time.