Suberpowl Reflections

Feb 08th 2010

So just a few thoughts on my 2010 Suberpowl experience:logo_2010-Super-Bowl

1) Still a little bitter that the Vikings didn’t make it all the way, but glad that they got beat by the eventual champs — in  a good game.

2) Can’t believe all the anti-hype about the Tebow ad.  Some editorials were labeling it the end of the suberpowl as we know it.  Really?  I think Drew Brees got more religious in his post-game remarks than the Tebow ad.  Yeah I know the ad led to a Focus on the Family website, but I think if Suberpowl watchers can handle wardrobe malfunctions and godaddy commercials — they can handle the decision as to whether or not they will go to that website.

3) It’s normal for our minds to get preoccupied by the “big plays” but you really can’t boil the game down to one or two plays.  I know it’s easy to do, but as much as we want to believe that life comes down to one or two defining moments, it’s much more beautifully complex than that — a football game is the same.

4) I didn’t think the commercials were quite as good as other years, but — it was cool to see a commercial produced by a church (doritos casket Mosaic church); the snicker commercial made me laugh;  once again the godaddy commercial made me ask “why?”; the Letterman commercial made me go, “hmm that’s interesting,”; and finally I thought the google search add was pretty creative.

5)  I like the “gutsy” play-calling by New Orleans — not so much the plays themselves, those kinds of calls are labeled genius when they work and stupid when they don’t.  What I really liked was the way the team pulled together to go from one “gutsy” call to another.

6) Drew Brees is a class act.  You had to love the picture of him and his child at the end of the game, and his soft-spoken pointers to God in the post-game interviews were great.  I don’t know too much about him, but he seems to be the real deal, not just in words, but in actions.  If you want to hear a bit more about him.  Take a look at this interview with FCA.

    Oh yeah — suberpowl is not a misspelling, apparently the NFL is concerned about churches infringing upon their rights when we advertise “Superbowl Parties.”  In fact in 2007 and 2008, they were threatening to sue churches that had superbowl parties.  This year they relented a bit and churches could have a superbowl party, but they couldn’t call it a Superbowl party — so I’m suggesting that next year we all have Suberpowl parties.  :)