Some Reflection Questions

Dec 20th 2009

This Christmas season our Christmas teaching series has been entitled, “ONE Christmas…to get it right.” What if you only had one Christmas to get Christmas right, no opportunity to come to the end of this Christmas season and say, “Well it wasn’t all that I hoped it would be — but there’s always next year.”  This focus on ONE Christmas has led me to take some time to take a look at the inside and outside of  my life.

So here are some questions I’m asking myself, maybe they make a good New Year’s Evaluation?  If you have some good evaluation questions you use on yourself, send them my way.  Here are some of mine…

1)  Do I live like I’ve been invited by God to the greatest life imaginable?

2) Who am I trying to please…and why?

3)  What three core values do I want to become such a part of my kids that someday they hand those core values down to their kids?

4)  Does my generosity adequately reflect my gratitude for God’s grace and my faith that He loves to bless those who bless others?

5)  Am I redeeming time, wasting time, or just filling my time?

6)  Do my friends down through the years know how much of who am I, and what I have accomplished is because of their impact and influence upon my life?

7)  How much of my joy and peace is dependent upon my circumstances and how much is based in the fact that I have Jesus?

8)  If I only had one month to live, who would get most of my time?  Why don’t they now?

9)  Will my children remember my laugh when I am long gone?

10)  Who do I need to forgive, what debts do I need to cancel?

11)  What have I done lately that is an example of generosity, courage or wisdom (my three core values)?

12)  Am I investing my life in my wife in the same way Jesus invested his life in the church?

13) What memories/experiences am I giving my family that will last a lifetime?

14) What is my holy discontent?

15) I’m called to love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, how close to 100% am I?  Where am I holding back?  Why?