Prayer Passion

Aug 25th 2010

So I think God is trying to get my attention on the topic of prayer.  A decade ago — maybe even five years ago — if you would’ve asked anyone at Calvary to describe my passion — prayer would have been a top-of-the-list topic.  ban1Not sure if that’s true at the moment.  I mean I would still say it’s one of my top three passions, but it’s been off my passion-radar for a season…

Then Lynn (my wife) brought me a plan for us — the Calvary family — to invest 21 days of prayer into PSU.

Then Mike Hulson (my assistant) sat down in my office to talk to me about a conviction God is putting on his heart about men getting together to pray.

Then Chris Heinz (a Calvary teammate) asked me to share with you a series he is doing on prayer.  It’s on his blog — good stuff.  He’s on post #8.  Check it out here — Chris on Prayer.

Then Sarah (my daughter) wrote this amazing — I know I’m a bit prejudiced — blog post on prayer.  It’s called Desires of My Heart and includes a prayer by Charles Spurgeon,

“Lord, if what I ask for does not please You, neither would it please me. My desires are put into Your hands to be corrected. Strike the pen through every petition that I offer that is not right. And put in whatever I have omitted, even though I might not have desired it had I considered it…’Not as I will, but as Thou wilt.'”

Then tonight we dedicated a new prayer cabin at Harvest Fields.  About 20 people gathered and prayed, looking out over Harvest Fields and the valley.  I love the fact that the first new structure built on the property is a building dedicated to prayer.

Then this weekend — as we look at the gospel of Mark — we discover a God who cannot be kept in a box.  Guess what?  The way to connect to this God-unleashed is through prayer.

Yeah God is trying to get my attention.  A good thing.  It means he isn’t through with me yet.   Years ago, I was complaining to God about how hard it is to get people to pray…and He said, “Dan I will not bring a spirit of prayer to the people until you pray in private the way you talk about prayer in public.”  I’m asking God to deepen my passion for prayer — personal, private, just Jesus and me, prayer — and I’m asking you to join me.