One Thing I Love

Jan 16th 2010

I don’t know, what it is about watching Lynn and Sarah, and Katy, and Jacob, and JoshJoshmyanmar –my children — playing with kids in Myanmar.  I think I could do it all day.

Maybe it’s the smiles, I love seeing my family happy.  It doesn’t take Myanmar to get my family happy, Jakemyanmarbut when we are in Myanmar they are happy. And at times the laughter goes gut-hurt hard and long.

Maybe it’s just being together — I love that.  Being together without the interruption of tv, texting, or xbox.

Maybe I love seeing their hearts grabbed by Jesus in the face of someone in need.  There were so many tears the last night we left the orphanage, it was like a death.  Their hearts were seriously grabbed. katymyanmar

Maybe it’s knowing that I am providing them with an experience that will shape their hearts for the long haul.  I believe that.  sarahmyanmarI believe that whenever we journey out of our comfort zone to serve others, God shapes our hearts.

Maybe I love the fact that they are leaving a mark on the world — doing something significant.  Don’t we all want to leave a mark, leave the world better than we found it.  Every time we serve others, we dip our lives into significance.  I love that.

But if there is one thing I love, lynnmyanmarI think when I watch my family playing with kids in Myanmar I feel God’s smile.  You’re right, you don’t have to go to Myanmar to feel God’s smile.  It happens when you are doing something you love and in the process you serve someone else, you leave the mark of Jesus on them.  Those moments might be different for each one of us, but my suggestion would be find something you love doing that can be used to leave the mark of Jesus on others and then do it.  No matter what it costs, do it.  You may find that it becomes the one thing you love as well.