More Estonian Pastors

Sep 15th 2008

We started our second conference with Estonian pastors last night — another great group.  In this group is Leho who leads a church in Tartu and is excited about a missionary couple from our network, coming to help them with youth work.  I’m also getting a chance to know Meego, who is the president of the Baptist Union in Estonian — about 80 congregations throughout the nation.  Thomas is a quite man with 10 children and a strong heart for prayer — I think the one leads to the other!  Tovio is the director of the Estonian seminary, and a leader in Crossroads church in Tartu.  Crossroads average age is 23.  Then there is Pater and Urmas, they have a great heart for young people…tonight as we prayed at the prayer house, revival amongst the youth of Estonia was something that was very much in our hearts.

I spoke on the church without walls today…what an incredible privilege!  Well we got home from the prayer time at about midnight…so I’m off to bed.