Monday Morning Quarterback

Dec 21st 2010

For those not up on football lingo a Monday Morning Quarterback is “one who critiques from a position of hindsight.” mmqbI know it’s not really Monday, but it’s still a look back on this last weekend. So here are my thoughts looking back…

1) This weekend our Christmas music extravaganza took place at Calvary Traditions and Calvary Classic, the choir, an orchestra, and a few hundred Calvary voices filled 1250 University Drive with beautiful Christmas music.  They were amazing!  Thank you to Susie Kleinert and her whole team for all the work they put into this.  It was fantastic!

2) I’m not saying this because I have to…  I’m saying it because it’s true.  I love the worship styles of everyone of our gatherings.  Each one has a wonderful unique expression of worship.  When I think back to when we first went from one worship gathering to two, we thought there was no way we would ever be able to make it work, just not enough musicians or worship leaders.  But as people were willing to step out in faith…they just kept coming.  God has certainly blessed us.

3) This morning (Tuesday) was our staff meeting.  Filled with God-stories — a story of God@work — and prayer requests.  I wish I could share them all with you, but let me just say that it is so encouraging to hear some of the ways in which God is at work in and among the Calvary family.  Also good to be reminded that every good story has an antagonist…or at least difficult circumstances to work through.  Every miracle starts with a problem.  Every God-story involves a need.

4) I love being part of a church family where people don’t get upset when we do something that isn’t very religious.  Like it’s not very religious to cancel Church on Sunday.  In fact there are some who would wonder if we are even Christian.  I’m pretty sure God is okay if we miss a Sunday every now and then.  In fact for those who worship at the Table gathering, they always miss Sunday worship.  So this weekend we will be worshiping together on Friday.  Which means the staff will truly get to celebrate Christmas with their families!  Maybe not very religious…but it will be a good sabbath and I have a good feeling God will be good with that!

5) On Monday, I prayed, “Lord you can interrupt me today.”  He did.

6) I am so looking forward to worshiping with you on Friday.  Christmas carols.  Our 1% offering.  Some time to ponder the radical gift of Christmas and of course Silent Night by candlelight.  Invite a friend, we have plenty of room this year with five different gatherings — 3,5,7, and 9 at 1250 University Drive and 8pm at Camp K.

7) Calvary Kid Care had their open house on Monday night.  Dani Mangene is leading the team to minister to your kids and the kids of our community.  Still room for kids.  Click Calvary Kid Care for more info.