Monday Morning Quarterback

Dec 07th 2010

Well I’m getting closer, it’s just Tuesday, last week it was Wednesday. For those not up on football lingo a Monday Morning Quarterback is “one who critiques from a position of hindsight.”  mmqbSo here are some reflections on the weekend and the past week.

1) Last week’s message was about waking up from the American Dream so that we can chase the Bethlehem Dream.   Remember, I did some meddling — by the way thanks go to those of you who not only said, Thank you for meddling, but you even gave me permission to meddle some more.  Here is part of what I said,

The American Dream is one of the critical barriers to experiencing a radical Christmas filled with great joy for all people. Christmas has become this great celebration of the American Dream. Once upon a time perhaps the American Dream was more noble, it had something to do with working hard and making a better life for your kids. But today the American Dream has more to do with self-advancement, and security and comfort, and having what I want, when I want it, and a materialism that requires great consumerism…and consumption.

The American Dream in many ways is a competing story to the original Christmas. Haven’t you felt that…it almost seems like there are two competing stories. There is the Christmas story of Consumption.  This is the story we read about in the papers, a Christmas whose primary function is to enhance the economy of the retail sector.  Then there is the Christmas story of Conception — the invasion of God’s presence into the reality of life on earth.  Which Christmas brings good news to all people?

If you didn’t get a chance to listen…go to

      1. Chasing the Bethlehem Dream

2) Greg Ford put together a great — convicting — video to kick off our 1% Offering.

What is the 1% Offering?  A challenge for us to give 1% of our annual income in a year end offering to serve those in need around the world.  If you would like more information and even the opportunity to give online go to ONE%.

3) Last week we filmed an interview with two Calvary couples who are in the process of adopting — the Bells and the Noels.  Wow.  Amazing stories of the ways in which God not only has led them to this opportunity but is also providing for them.  Calvary’s adoption fund — funded through the 1% offering — has been part of that provision.  Come this weekend to see a bit of their story.  So many at Calvary have or are adopting.  I love the heart in that!

4) Last weekend’s Christmas Uncovered and Silent Auction was simply superb!  Kate Oberholtzer and team wowed us with their one act play based on Narnia.  All sorts of Christmas crafts took place for families and the Silent Auction — which helps us give Christmas to local families in need — raised almost $4000!  What a great weekend!

5) About 60-70 of Calvary’s best cooks are currently in the process of baking some of the world’s greatest Christmas cookies and candy.  Come to 1250 University Drive on Saturday — buy some and eat a just-as-good-as-waffleshop breakfast.  All the proceeds will go to help kids in Rwanda, the Dominican Republic and Myanmar.

6) Conviction Assignment for this week.  Go to Global Rich List and find out where you rank.  Then read I Timothy 6:6-19.  Then go to Empty Tomb.  Dig through it.  Then spend some time pondering and praying.

7) Remember that first Christmas was Good News of Great Joy for All People. Every opportunity you take, this week, to be a bringer of good news puts you right in the middle of Christmas.  Once upon a time Christmas changed the world.  It can again.