Monday Morning QB

Nov 18th 2010

Okay, so it’s not Monday Morning…it’s been a long week mmqband I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, but I still have a few observations, thoughts about last weekend. So here goes.

1) Last weekend we finished our 10 month series on Mark’s Gospel. It’s all about Jesus. I asked the question, “Has Jesus left a mark on us?” Someone sent me an e-mail asking me to restate the places we might look for his mark. So here it is.  Some questions to ponder…

Our theme for the last 10 months has been “Leave a Mark.” We’ve talked about the ways in which the untamed Jesus leaves a mark on us — and the ways we are called to leave a mark on the world around us. So where is your life, where is my life marked by the good news of Jesus…the news that Jesus reigns.

Have I crossed out the I? Do I boast in the cross and live by the resurrection?. Where in my life am I more like Jesus this year, than I was last year? Is my prayer life more personal, my generosity more extreme, my service more consistent, my leadership more humble, are my relationships healthier, my faith greater? Do I forgive quicker, love deeper, hope stronger, persevere longer? Is Jesus becoming my first of all? Do others see Jesus in me?

2.  Last weekend, I preached live in six of our gatherings.  Only Calvary Grays Woods and Calvary Warriors Mark were missed.  Add in a Congregational Meeting and it was a draining day.  But here’s what I love about a weekend like that…  I love every one of our gatherings.  Each one has a different personality, different worship styles, different energy, different people, and each one works my heart in a different way.  I am amazed at the way God has drawn us together and sent us out…one church in many locations.  One mission throughout the region, church without walls. Two weeks ago, I was at Calvary Grays Woods and this weekend I’ll be live at Calvary Warriors Mark.  I am blessed!

3) If you haven’t been out to Harvest Fields for a bit, you are missing the excitement.  The road is being paved.  Actual blacktop.  Actual progress.  We are seeing other answers to pray related to the property.  Keep praying.

4) “It’s almost like God is showing off.” Lately I keep hearing that phrase from Lynn.  It comes out of her mouth in relationship to prayer.  On Tuesday in our staff prayer time, it was described as “open heavens.” It’s like God is just waiting for us to ask.  So pray.

5) Part of the reason why I’m doing Monday Morning Quarterback on Thursday is because my week has been filled up with working on the details of this year’s 1% Christmas offering.  Our goal this year is a knee-knocking faith goal.  I am praying for God to inspire and empower us to give more than we’ve ever given before… so look out…remember #4 above.  :)