Mom’s Version of Man Rules

Nov 01st 2009

Okay, so my mom read my “Man Rules” and has offered her own version, some are funny, some just good wisdom.  You’ll have to compare them to my list to get the full impact or the full laugh.  But I figured I should share them with you — mom’s words still carry some weight!  :)


So son let me give you a different perspective on your Man Rules…..and this comes after almost 48 years of  taking my journey together with your father.

1.  Neither of us cares  what positon the toilet seat is in…up..down….doesn’t matter
1.  Sunday sports….just like a flood too much of a good thing is still too much…..but that’s why we have two TV’s.
1.  Shopping…..years of experience has taught us…I shop, he sits in cosy chair in the mall and talks to other men…and forget Black Friday……he sleeps
1.  Amen…..the older we get the more direct…like Lynn needs a new floor, Teresa needs lights replace…you get the picture..and he is more than willing, if I just ask.
1.  Oh how beautiful are the lessons years teach us…..I can’t tell you how many times he has said I’m sorry when someone else hurts me. I love that he hurts when I am hurt and offers sympathy even when he didn’t inflick the pain.
1.  We have learned that if old hurts resurface than they were never really dealt with and we have to revisit the problem and settle it before it grows into a ugly duck sitting around quacking all the time.
1.  Angry and sad don’t go away just because we want them to.
1.  That’s what GPS was invented for.
1.  Another reason your dad doesn’t pick out furniture or wall paint.
1.  sure if it itches than by all means scratch it…in private
1.  Oh but it is worth the hassle.
1.  True, round is a shape…but also a smoking gun for a heart attack…we love you and want to have you around for many years

So these are how I see the Man Rules……but then marriage isn’t about rules…is it???