MM Mission #4

Mar 01st 2011

So here I am in Bangkok, on the way home with a 18 hour layover. I’ve seen most of the Buddha’s in Bangkok — sounds like a movie or a song — the sleeping Buddha, the Emerald Buddha, the Reclining Buddha…and a handful of others. Chris isn’t in a Buddha kinda mood and Dan B was interested in some foreign cultural events. So we grabbed a bit of Thai food — it’s actually pretty good in Thailand, though not as good as Cozy Thai — and then a dip in the pool, and now we are headed to muithaiLumpini Stadium. It is the #1 Home of the World’s Best Thai KickBoxing, — or maybe that’s MuiThai — at least that’s what one person said online.

Don’t worry Lynn, I won’t volunteer to get in the ring.