Life Dashboard

Oct 08th 2008

One of the take-aways from the Leadership Practicum was Wayne Cordiero’s idea of a “Leader’s Dashboard.”  Let me call it a Life Dashboard because I think it has application for all of us — leaders and followers.  Here is the idea in a nutshell.

– 85% of what you do in your life, anyone can do.

– 10% of what you do in your life, someone — with training — could do.

– 5% of what you do in your life… ONLY YOU CAN DO.

It’s what we do with that last 5% that will determine how the rest of our life takes shape.  So the question is what is your 5%?  So the 5% is what you keep on your dashboard.  The 5% are the gauges that show you how you are doing under the hood.  Your 5% could include things like…

  • Develop spiritual intimacy with God.
  • Discover and follow your calling.
  • Invest in key relationships like spouse, family, close friends.
  • Stay physically healthy and mentally creative.
  • Keep the Sabbath a part of your life.

Maybe your dashboard is similar…but different.  What would be on your dashboard?  What things can only you do…that if you do them, it shapes your day and your life along the lines of Jesus?