Lessons Learned From Flag Football

Jul 15th 2011

So last weekend, the third annual parents vs. teens semi-flag football game took place.  (I say semi-flag because there was also some semi-hitting that took place.)  The most important news is that the parents won.  I think the score was “a lot” to “not all that much.”  Though they will tell you it was more like “just barely” to “almost got us.”  But either way we won.  Now if you talk to one of teens, they will come up with all kids of excuses about who was there and who wasn’t there and who played too much and who had to sit, but the again the bottom line is… the parents won.

One interesting little known fact.  The first year we played, the parents won.  I was there.  The second year we played.  The parents lost.  I was gone.  The third year we played.  The parents won.  I was there.  If you didn’t watch me play, I’m telling you that I’m just that good.  If you were there and watched me play, you know that I might be a good luck charm, but I’m not just that good.  But regardless, I will say it one more time.  We won.

One of the semi-hits that took place was between Jake and me.  The best thing I can say about that hit was that I stopped him.  Well to be honest I think he stopped because he was concerned that I was hurt, but regardless I stopped him.  I’m not sure how a 275 pound former college football player hits his 18 year old lacrosse playing son and gets hurt — but it happened.  He lowered his head and the front of my face hit the top of his head.  My face lost.   My world got a bit dark for a moment.  I staggered to my feet and I kept playing.  Well I’m not sure I kept playing, but I did stay out on the field.

The next day Lynn put something on facebook about an almost 50 year old man trying to play football against an 18 year old.  Ouch.

So what’s the moral of the story?  Here you go, lessons learned.

1) We have a tendency to overestimate our abilities, just like we sometimes have a tendency to overestimate our goodness.  The apostle John once wrote, “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves.”  I think the reason he said that was because the more time you spend with Jesus, the more realistic you get about your own inherent goodness.

2) The most painful lingering effect from my hit with Jake?  I kinda get a fat lip or split lip, which led to the biggest canker sore I have ever had.  In the whole scope of life, it’s a little thing, but it’s amazing how much of my attention it has received this week.  It’s interesting how little things can overshadow our lives, gain all our focus.  While our energy is being consumed by that little thing, we keep thinking that it shouldn’t have so much of our focus, but it’s like we can’t help it.  I think the only way to take my mind of the little things that consume me, is to practice the discipline of gratitude.  I must intentionally choose to focus on something that is good.

Like we won.  Did I mention that?