Leave a Mark in Myanmar #4

Nov 17th 2010

Rhonda is a young girl from Myanmar. She has stolen my daughter’s hearts — rhondaboth of them. There are 169 other children like Rhonda in four homes that we support in Myanmar.  There is Agape Orphanage, Blessing Orphanage, Kid’s Life Orphanage, and Wonderful Calvary Orphanage. We need $6000 to support them through the end of the year. So far 25 people have donated over $1100.  Every dollar you give goes to the kids, to buy rice, winter clothes (Yes they need winter clothes in Myanmar!) and to pay for school.

1000 people read this blog in a week’s time, if half of us give $25 we will cover the need going into next year.  Can you help?  If you would like to give, click the “Donate” button on the left sidebar of my blog.  Or if you do not have a facebook account you can click Calvary Donate to go to Calvary’s secure sight.  Just choose Myanmar Ministry in the drop down box.

Thanks from me and Rhonda…read her letter below…

Rhonda letter