Ground Zero

Jul 17th 2008

So this is my first blog post. I’ve been pondering the whole blog thing for awhile, but finally it was my sabbatical that pushed the decision to the front page. Last year I got blessed with a team of people from Calvary (home church) who helped me write a Lilly grant for a sabbatical…and I ended up getting it. (For any of you pastors who might read this, the Lilly foundation gives out 100+ sabbatical grants yearly. Check out Lilly for more information.) So I was one of 132 pastors who received a grant in 2007. I am on about day 46 give or take a day or two.

It was my goal to let this blog be a bit of a journal of my sabbatical time…which means I have about 45 days to catch up on, so over the course of the next few days I will be writing some sabbatical history. By the way…for those who were here for my last preaching Sunday — the hair still grows! :)