Apr 02nd 2009

Spent time early this week in Dallas with four other folks from Calvary.  We were spending two days with people from eight congregations from across the nation pondering what it means to be a people on mission with God.  So as I said, we were in Dallas.  I’ve only been there a couple of times, so I was glad that one person in our group had a GPS navigator.

This GPS did not have a voice.  I was glad.  The last time I used a GPS, I got so tired of hearing this women with an English accent saying, “Recalculating directions.” Soon after those two words I would be ordered to take the next available u-turn.  It reminded me a little bit of the Holy Spirit in my life.  How many times does God have to recalculate my directions, because I didn’t listen to him yesterday?  How many times do I need to do a u-turn (the Bible calls it repentance) to get back on journey?

Today I’m asking God to keep me headed towards His destination.