God’s Chisel

Sep 24th 2009

God is an artist.  Imagine Him for a moment — chisel in hand — looking for just the right spot in your heart to strike the chisel and reveal the glory of God in your heart.  God is a master-artist and He never does art halfway.  He is a passionate God. He’s not a “just get by” kind of God.  He pours His whole being into what he does.  Look at creation.  Billions of stars?  Did we really need billions of stars or do we have billions of stars because God poured his whole being into creation?

And it’s not only huge galaxies which God created with passion.  He poured his whole being into the creation of something as small as the human eye.   Did you know that on a clear day the human eye can easily see an elevated object 40 miles away?   That same eye, with in a single scnd can refocus on a bug that lands on your arm.  The human eye can differentiate between a 1000 shades of color.  Now I couldn’t tell you if it’s salmon or chartreuse, but I know they’re different.

When comes to creation –when it comes to the Creator’s passion– We are the passion of God.  Paul says in Ephesians 2:10 that we are the workmanship or even masterpiece of God.   Literally he says, “You are what God does.”  When He does anything, He pours His whole being into it.  He did it in the creation of the world, and he does it in the continuing creation of our lives.  God has poured and is pouring his whole self into making you every bit the masterpiece He has dreamed of in you.

You are what God does and whatever he does, he does with all his heart.  He pulls out all the stops. He looks at the messed up masterpieces of our lives and says I can save that.   And when God saves, he doesn’t save halfway.  He doesn’t just “sort of” save us.  He doesn’t, make-em-okay-so-they-don’t-stink-so-bad, kinda save us.  He is sculpting Jesus in our hearts.

How does God sculpt my heart,my life into the image of Jesus?  Here is what I want you to imagine in your mind… I want you to imagine asking God to make you more like Jesus.   Then I want you to see God walking up to you with a great big hammer and chisel.  Gotta take a little off here, oh big swing right there — hang on.

Watch the video.  We showed it last week…and ask yourself where is God working in my life?