First Staff Meeting

Oct 14th 2008

I was showered with coffee today — unbrewed.  I got a bushel basket full of coffee, more coffee than I’ve every received in a single setting, and some cool welcome back notes for Lynn and I.

It was my first official staff meeting in four months!  I was late.  Didn’t want the staff to think I had changed too much over the sabbatical. :)   Actually I had a day full of meetings.  Staff leadership, full staff, Jim & Dan, Kate & Lauren, and then a local pastor.  Nothing like jumping back in with both feet, but overall a good day, especially listening to the staff share God-stories.  I missed that.

I guess the main thing I have to shout out…is What a Great Staff Team We Have at Calvary! I left Calvary for four months and not only did Stac, Vic and all do a great job of preaching, but DanD did a great job of leading the staff.  Not only did everyone survive, they thrived.  Giving is up.  We’ve made major strides in our new multi-site initiative, ministry leaders are being developed, and people have made choices to start the journey of following Jesus.  Good stuff!  October is Pastor Appreciation month, and I’ve got to say I appreciate the pastors and the staff that God has drawn to Calvary.

It’s good to be missed, but there is something so very freeing in being reminded that ultimately when I get rid of this earth-suit I won’t leave that big a hole…but that’s okay because it’s not my show anyway. It’s God’s.  And what a show!