Expecting to SEE Him

Apr 20th 2011

It’s Easter.  Not sure what glorious thoughts you ponder at Easter, but I think we should.  Ponder glorious thoughts at Easter, that is.  Can you imagine your first glimpse of Jesus on Easter?  empty-tombMy guess is that no one was expecting to see him.  Sometimes a glimpse of glory brings a cross-eyed look of confusion.  I’m fairly certain I would not have expected to see him — in fact sometimes I don’t even expect to see him on this side of Easter.

One of the glorious thoughts we should ponder at Easter is that we can expect to SEE him…today.  We can expect to SEE him in the midst of our disappointments.  We can expect to SEE him in the midst of cancer.  We can expect to SEE him in the midst of confusion.  In fact it is always to early to give up looking for Jesus, when we can expect to SEE him.

Where are you looking for Jesus?  Where are you expecting to SEE him.

Let me pass on two excellent blogposts for you to ponder today — one is specifically Easter oriented, one is not.  The one that is not specifically Easter oriented is specifically “SEE him” oriented.  Both have given me glorious thoughts to ponder this Easter.

Oh yeah by the way — they are both great, but I’m kind of partial to the one by my daughter — you understand Steve.  :)

Expecting to SEE Him

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