Dunk Tanks and a Loving Wife

Oct 30th 2009

Yes, if you look closely — swishing around in the bottom of that tank — that’s me.  I am at the bottom of that tank filled with water which has had every calorie of heat sucked out of it by the sun-starved air.  We decided to hold our Fall-winter-Fest indoors this year, except we decided to keep the dunk tank outdoors. So that’s me swirling around on the bottom, trying to come up out of the water as quickly as possible.  Actually after the first 20 times that I got dunked I thought the water was warming up.  It wasn’t I was just getting numb.  So there I am in the antarctic in a tank working my way up from being dunked by…

It is much easier to see my loving wife Lynn.  She is the one with her arms outstretched out like she has just won the lottery.  She didn’t — win the lottery that is — she just finished dunking me.  I love my wife.

Actually I do love her, not in spite of the fact that she dunked me.  I love her because she dunked me.  I love her because she loves to laugh.  I love her because she loves to have fun.  I love her because of the quick glimpse I got of her face before I went under — surprise mixed with glee!  I love her because she dunked me.  I wouldn’t tell her that and if you tell her I’ll deny it.  I’m not sure I’m ready for her to find other gleeful activities quite yet.  :)