Day Four

Jan 01st 2010

Well let’s see this was day four at Agape Orphanage and here is the run-down…

Lynn spoke for the second time at the conference…she spoken on prayer and got more amen’s and hallelujah’s than I did.  She did an awesome job.

The rest of the crew taught another day of Bible School, today’s topic was love and the craft was a bracelet.  Then Jake and Josh taught them “Red Rover, Red Rover” we’re lucky some little orphans didn’t get killed because a few got clothes-lined!

We ate at the Million Coin again and saw our first white people of the trip…a busload visiting another orphanage.  We laughed till our stomachs hurt watching Josh annoy Betsy!

We played with bubbles, listened to the testimony of a Buddhist man — and his family — who just became Jesus-followers.  We planned a baptism service.  We ate more rice.  We laughed.  We hugged a lot of kids, all of whom hugged back.  We spoke about prayer.  We prayed in the American New Year with our Burmese friends —  you were prayed for.  We sang and clapped and hugged some kids.  We laughed a lot, a few cried a little, especially when kids didn’t want to let go at the end of the day.

All in all, a real and good day.