Dance for Joy!

Jul 24th 2009

As a pastor in a college town, over the last 15 years I’ve officiated at well over a hundred weddings.  I’ve had brides come down the aisle to the Buddy Holly song, “Peggy Sue” — her name.  I’ve had groomsmen empty out pockets full of stuff before they finally found the ring.  I’ve had unity candles that simply wouldn’t light, bridesmaids and groomsmen faint — one guy fainted twice.  I’ve done outdoor weddings and a wedding in a barn.  There was a Turkish wedding and a Chinese wedding.  There have been simply weddings with just family and a elaborate weddings that cost somebody their retirement.

But every wedding, at which I’ve been privileged to play a part — has had generous amounts of laughter and celebration.  Because a wedding is a celebration and a healthy marriage requires laughter.  So when a friend of mine – thanks Sean – passed this video on.  I couldn’t resist passing it on to you.  I smiled.  I hope you do as well.  After you smile — if  you are married — go out and do something fun with your spouse.  (By the way, Sarah and Katy — as a father with no moves, I understand why the bride danced alone. :)