Calvary on Campus — What God Did

Sep 22nd 2010

Last weekend Calvary’s 7 gatherings — from 4 locations — calvary on campusjoin in one place for one worship gathering.  We called it Calvary on Campus.  It came at the end of 21 days of prayer…and you know what God showed up.  For the next few blog posts, I’m going to share some thoughts and some God-stories from Calvary on Campus.  First up is the WHAM! BAM! Jesus Jam Update.  “Wham Bam” was what the kids did while the parents were doing Calvary on Campus.  Sherilyn Jameson our Kidz ConneXion leader passed on the following…

  • – We had a full house with 148 kid registrations as of 8 am Sunday morning I think (it got a little crazy at the end)  and about 20 walk-in registrations as far as I can tell.
  • – We had 48 adults including middle and high school students, who served in kc for the morning. Most of them arrived at 9:00, some at 8:30 and stayed until 12:30 or 1:00.  ALL were full of joy and reflected Jesus in their willingness to serve.
  • – When our kc Team Members met at 9:00 for a light breakfast and prayer, one of the elementary teachers broke down during prayer as he prayed that the Lord would touch kids’ lives and transform them to become Jesus followers.  It seemed consistent with some other stories we heard of God causing His pray-ers to cry as they called on God to move among students, young and old.
  • – Brett Meyers, the illusionist gave a very clear explanation of the gospel, using a magic trick that was most amazing and kids were asked to raise their hand if they prayed with Brett to trust Jesus.  Those kids were then encouraged to go to the back of the WR to meet in small groups with our elementary teachers.  29 children did so and 15 of the 29 indicated praying to trust and follow Jesus for the very first time!
  • – 2 of our kc leaders for the Table are a part of the campus ministry, New Life.  They enlisted 3 others to make up a rockin’ Kids Praise and Worship team for the morning.  100+ elementary kids were jumping around singing and shoutin’ to and about Jesus and it was truly awesome worship … it HAD to make a mark on Jesus that morning!
  • – On a more personal note, I invited 2 students (who are not Jesus-followers) to attend Calvary on Campus and they did, without me attending with them! (1 is a senior in HS and one is a junior at Penn State)  They came to 1250 after the service at Eisenhower to talk to me, one asked me to pray with her.  She had a bad experience with some Christians once and wants to get over that.  God is up to something in both of their lives.
  • – It was a good morning and many parents expressed that their kids were begging them to get up and out the door because it was WHAM! BAM! Jesus Jam day!  =)  You gotta’ love it!

And I do love it!  Great vignettes of Jesus on the move…not just at Eisenhower, but in many different ways.  I have to say… 15 kids making a decision to follow Jesus…and another 14 recommitting their lives to Jesus… if nothing else happened last Sunday, that makes it worth it.

But so much more happened… and it’s all about what God did.