Are You For Us Or Against Us?

Oct 09th 2009

I am hanging out with Calvary’s gathering pastors and Jorn Junod (a local church planter) this week at a conference called Catalyst.   First thought is what a great group of guys!  Calvary is blessed to have them and the city is blessed to have Jorn.

Yesterday Andy Stanley kicked the day off with a look at one of Joshua’s (of Old Testament fame) defining moments, maybe the defining moment of his life.  It was just before Joshua was to lead his army (think team, church, workgroup) into the promised land.  They were just outside of Jericho.  Joshua goes off by himself just before the big battle and he sees a soldier approaching with sword drawn.  Joshua yells out, “Are you for us or are you for our enemies?”

We ask that question with some regularity don’t we?  We want to figure out who is on our side?  Who agrees with us?  Who will help me and who will obstruct me?  In fact I think sometimes we find ourselves asking that question of God.  God are you for me or for my enemies?  (God are you going to help the Vikings win or the Packers. :)

“Are you for us or for our enemies?”  The soldier with sword drawn answers, “NO.  But as the commander of the Lord’s armies I have come.”

In other words, God is saying to Joshua.  It’s not your team.  I’m not on your side.  It’s my team and the question is, “Will you be on my side?”  God is saying will you be for me.  We all want to make our mark on the world but it’s not about our mark, it’s about God’s mark.  It is not about who is for us or against us, it’s about who we are for…

So Joshua went down on his face and asked, “What does God want to say to me?”  He surrendered.  Maybe it’s time in our lives to get face down and remember whose team it is?