Are You a Stradivarius?

Sep 11th 2009

Ran across a great blog post from Tony Wood about the Stradivarius.  There Did you know that there are only about 700 Stradivarius violins left in the whole world — recent sales have gone for over 3 million dollars.  Each one was made by Antonio Stradivari between 1644 and 1737. 

I have an old fiddle from my great uncle Oscar.  I don’t think it’s worth much and no one has ever tried to copy it.  But did you know that thousands of hours and millions of dollars have been spent trying to replicate the tonal quality of the Strad.  Historians have searched for secret formulas.  Private companies have employed scientists.  But nobody has been able to crack the code.  No violins come close.  Some people suggest that the unique climate 300 years ago affected the quality of the wood Antonio used.  Others believe that he perfected a special varnish formula the shaped the tone.   With all the effort that has been put into replicating the Stradivarius sound — it hasn’t been done.

I love what Tony Wood has to say about this,

Do you realize that you are a Stradivarius? No scientist, group of specialists, or amount of money can ever replicate who God designed you to be. The gifted master hand crafted you to stir hearts, offer hope, and provide something beautiful to what can be a desolate world. Embrace your gifting and enjoy being unique.

If you’re a leader, lead well.

If you’re a singer, sing well.

If you’re compassion, show compassion.

If you’re discerning, provide counsel.

If you’re merciful, show mercy.

Here is one more thought, that God brought to my mind about the Stradivarius.  I can’t play one.  If I played one, it wouldn’t sound any better than my great Uncle Oscar’s fiddle.  But when you put the Stradivarius in the hands of a virtuoso — such sweet music comes forth.  The Strad in my hands is a 3 million dollar piece of old wood.  Strad in the hands of the Master brings forth exquisite music.

So… if you are a Strad, who’s playing your music?