Another New “Baby” at Calvary

Jan 18th 2010

This weekend as I was walking through some of our gatherings at Calvary, I was amazed by the number of new babies.  So many new babies, beautiful babies have been added to our calvary family in the last few months.  I love watching families — I especially watch the fathers — with their new babies.  There is just this look in their eyes.

So it was kind of cool to get this picture of the newest “baby” addition to the calvary family.  Those of you who follow Stac’s (our Midtown Gathering Pastor) blog or are friends on fb have already seen this but I thought it was worth passing on.  So everyone meet Annabelle — and take a look at the look on Stac’s face!  (By the way, Lynn says she has Kim’s eyes.)  For more on the story go to Stac’s blog at Stac’s Place.