A Bit More Story on the Singer from England

Apr 17th 2009

Susan Boyle.  I ran across this story that fills in some of the details of the life of Susan Boyle.  Susan Boyle is the 47 year old, never been kissed, a bit unfashionable singer who wowed Simon Cowell, brought a skeptical audience to it’s feet and has had over 20,000,000 hits on YouTube.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out my blog from a few days ago.

I got this story from Pastor Stac’s blog.  I think the thought that connects with me the most is the very last line of the story.  It states that Susan was laughed at because of her looks, then respected because of her talent — but should have been respected from the beginning for the caliber of her character.

It made me think of the question — who are our heroes?  Who are the people to whom we look for the wisdom of life?  I guess it all depends on our goals.  If our goal is to look a certain way, we look to those with looks.  If our goal is to have a certain quality of talent, we look to those with talent.  If our goal is to be known we look to the celebrities.  But if our goal is to be worth knowing, we need to look to those with character and heart.  So who are you looking at…and why?

To read more of Susan’s story click here:  Susan Boyle.