A 1% Family

Nov 11th 2010

Those of you on Calvary’s mailing list will get this letter sometime in the next few days. But I’m pretty passionate about this cause, and passion gets publicity…and besides its not really just for the Calvary family, it’s for the Jesus family. So here is the letter

Dear Calvary Family,

…and I use that term intentionally, Calvary Family. If you remember all the way back to our first message on Mark – you probably don’t, even I had to go review – one aspect of the good news is that we have been given a family. We are part of a family. With all of its messes, hardships, and glorious joys, we are all part of a family. But this family stretches globally, there are kids around the world, who are part of our family.

This Thanksgiving, I will be spending the day eating with my immediate family. We are going to gather in Pittsburgh at Sarah’s apartment. Katy will be coming from Bethel to meet us there. We’ll watch football. We’ll cook Thanksgiving dinner (or maybe hire Boston Market to cook for us) and we’ll eat together. Family. We’ll do the same thing on Christmas Day. It’s one of the holiday traditions I love most.

But that family of six is not my only family. When we decided to follow Jesus, we became part of a bigger family, a global family. Many of the kids in that family won’t be filling their stomachs with turkey on Thanksgiving or ham on Christmas. In fact many of them won’t even be gathering with family. But they are part of our family – kids in Myanmar, kids in Rwanda, kids in the Dominican Republic, kids locally – a global family.

So between Thanksgiving and Christmas, at Calvary, we save up and give a gift to what we call our 1% offering. Why do we call it a 1% offering? Because the challenge is for all of us to give 1% of our annual income to serve our global family. Don’t worry, you are free to give more if you would like. :) Last year over $130,000 was given to serve our global kids. With these funds we helped families adopt. We served local families at Christmas. We clothed, fed and educated over 150 children in Rwanda, Myanmar and the Dominican Republic. We built a dorm for girls. We built a kitchen and dining hall for an orphanage. We even helped kids get dental care. In other words, we left a mark.

This year our goal is even larger, because there are a lot of kids in our global family. In the coming weeks you will receive more information, but for now, would you join me in praying about how you might be led to join in blessing our global family?

I’m not sure which is harder to believe…that we are done with our study of Mark’s Gospel or that it’s only two weeks till Thanksgiving! I am so looking forward to eating around the table with me family… but even more than that, my family is looking forward to being a blessing to our family around the world.

I’m so thankful for you…and all of God’s blessings!

Pastor Dan