700 Grocery Bags

Apr 03rd 2009

Last weekend at Calvary we gave away around 700 grocery bags.  Cool right?  Why, right?  We were talking about the only one of Jesus’ miracles to be included in all four gospels — the feeding of the crowd through Jesus and a young boy’s sack lunch.  Jesus has this incredible gift of multiplication — from 3 barley loaves and 2 bite size fish to 12 baskets of left-overs and a stuff crowd.

So we gave away 700 grocery bags.  I asked everyone to fill the bag and take it to someone in the community who is in need and then pray that Jesus would multiply a can of soup into an opportunity for someone to meet Jesus.

If you got a grocery bag, pray, shop and give.  If you are uncomfortable with the “give” part.  Pray, shop and bring the bag to church this weekend or Easter weekend.  We’ll use the groceries to bless our Angel Food families and the local food shelf.  Buy canned goods, and other food that have a long shelf-life and bring your bag to the kitchen at 1250 University Drive or the lobby at Midtown.  700 bags of groceries, that could make a difference in someone’s life.  Who knows what God might do!