25 Reasons I Love My Wife of 25 Years.

Jun 18th 2009

Last week was the 25th anniversary of my wedding day.  Next to Jesus, she is the most important person in the world to me.  So I thought I would list a few of the reasons why I love her.  By the way… I left a few of the more fun reasons out.  :)

1.  She loves God more than she loves me.

2.  She prays for me like no one else prays for me.

3.  She is an incredible mother and gave good genes to four pretty cool kids.

4.  She tans real good.

5.  She still loves to listen to me preach — even though sometimes I preach better than I practice.

6.  She helps me understand the Song of Solomon.

7.  I cannot think of a single year together that was a bad year — a few moments — but every year has been good.

8.  I cannot imagine anyone else with whom I would rather spend a day at a beach.

9.  Hanna.

10. She has an incredibly generous and compassionate spirit.

11. She let me take a sabbatical.

12.  Her prayer life inspires me to listen to God.

13.  Her gift of discernment.

14.  She is closer to God than most people I know and doesn’t brag about it.

15.  Long Monday Drives.

16.  She is even more beautiful on the inside.

17.  Her gift of mercy and empathy.

18.  I’ve been married to her longer than I haven’t and the last half of my life has been the best.

19.  Watching her in Myanmar.

20.  She knows me better than anyone but loves and respects me more than everyone.

21.  She prays that I will become all that God wants me to become.

22.  She loves to have fun.

23.  She enjoys a good practical joke and loves to help me scare our kids.

24.  She has helped so many people find their way out of brokenness into God’s wholeness.

25.  This list was easy to make and it would be easy to continue.