21 Days of Prayer — Calvary on Campus

Aug 29th 2010

This weekend at Calvary we left with a challenge to focused prayer for PSU, during the next 21 days. calvary on campusOn Monday this letter will be going out to the Calvary family. The next few weeks, I’m going to take every opportunity I can to keep this challenge in front of us…so here is the letter.

Dear Calvary Family,

This summer has been a year of transition for the Nolds! Our firstborn, Sarah has moved out of town. Her first job, her first apartment, her first new city all have come into place this summer. With Katy back at Bethel University, 1/3 of our family is not “at home.” But we are still a family – reminds me of Calvary, spread throughout the county, meeting and reaching people where they live – but still a family.

The last few years as we have expanded into a church beyond our walls, we have on occasion found opportunities to gather the whole family, to celebrate what God is doing. A few months ago as the Gathering Pastors were meeting, we decided we wanted to start doing this on a consistent basis… but we wanted it to be something more than just “let’s all get together” and celebrate. The something more that was birthed in our hearts is CALVARY ON CAMPUS.

Part of our calling at Calvary is to reach the next generation and PSU students are a huge part of our local next generation. Every Calvary gathering is connected in some way to Penn State, either through students or staff, through friends or neighbors. So on September 19 at 10:30am we will be gathering all our gatherings for a morning of worship and celebration at Eisenhower Auditorium. It’s going to be a great morning as…
• The Midtown Band leads us in worship.
• Stefan Wiesnewski (PSU football) shares a God-story.
• A great Kidz ConneXion event takes place at 1250.
• And I talk about my favorite topic – The untamed Jesus.

This might be one of the most important things we do this year as a church family. Let me encourage you to be a part of the Calvary family that day. So what can you do to join the Calvary family in this event?

1. Pray. Last weekend at Calvary I called us to 21 Days of Prayer leading up to this event. If you weren’t here go to God Unleashed Video or

      1. God Unleashed Audo
for the message. We want to blanket the campus with prayer from now till September 19th. Go on campus and pray. Go downtown and pray.

2. Invite. Invite a friend to join us at Eisenhower that day. It will be a great event for those who are new to Jesus, and for those who aren’t really into church. Invite a college student. Invite a neighbor, especially if they are connected to Penn State.

3. Come. This isn’t our primary goal…but it would be kinda cool to fill up the bottom floor at Eisenhower.   But even better then how many are there…we believe that God is going to show up.

4. Give. We will be talking that morning about a special offering to bless the campus.

For more info and to register your children for the KidZ ConneXion event go to Calvary on Campus.

See you on September 19th!