A Sorry Journey

Nov 20th 2009

For the past 7 weeks at Calvary we have been on a “sorry” journey — as in an “apologizing” journey.  It’s a teaching series called UNchristian: Confessions of a Recovering Church.  We’ve been looking at six critiques that next gen people outside the church — have of the church.  The top four are…unchristian-web

  • 1. Anti-gay
  • 2. Judgmental
  • 3. Hypocritical
  • 4. Too Political

It’s been a challenging and rewarding series.  Challenging to take an authentic look at the places we don’t measure up as ambassadors of Jesus.  Rewarding to receive so many comments, e-mails and conversations from people who have been hurt by the church but are making their way back now.

So two things which may be of interest:  shane-claiborne-1209-lgEmily — from Calvary — sent me a link to an “apology” from Shane Claiborne.  Shane is interesting to look at…and he has a heart for Jesus and the poor.  It’s a good refresher course of sorts for the series.  Click Shane’s Apology to read it.

Secondly if you didn’t get a chance to listen to one of more of the apologies, you can listen online at Calvary UNChristian.