You Were Born For This

Oct 02nd 2009

You may remember his book The Prayer of Jabez. It was  faith-building book that challenged us to pray.  In his new book, You Were Born for This Bruce Wilkinson takes it a step further; he challenges us to be someone’s answer to prayer.

At Calvary we talk frequently about the power of doing good.   Our theme verse for 2009 talks about the good deeds that God has planned in advance for us to do.  In other words, it’s not just about doing good, it’s about doing the good God has planed for us to do.  When we combine our good deeds with God’s good power, awesome stuff happens.

Here’s the question I would ask you, “What would happen if you walked out the door each morning expecting God to deliver a miracle through you to someone in need?  How do we do that?  How do we know when we run into a God-opportunity to do good?  With great stories, and simple, practical principles, Wilkinson describes how anyone can be part of God’s miracle delivery system.

I loved the book.  The stories were inspiring and faith-building.  I read it through in a couple of days and lately I’ve been asking God to open my eyes to the good He has prepared for me.

So here is the deal.  I have ONE BOOK TO GIVE AWAY. If you would like the book, respond to this blog post in the comment section and share a time when God used you to do good, a time when you were the answer to someone else’s prayer. All of your stories will inspire me and I will choose one of you to receive the free book.

If you would like to listen to Bruce Wilkinson share about the book, watch the video below.