Write It On a Rock #3

Mar 01st 2010

So I’ve already written a couple of blog posts about “the rock” and Job’s story in Job 19. (Rock1 and Rock2)   It’s important to take moments and trustreflect and consider what words make up your life message.  But Job was asking for a rock, not to engrave his life message or even his last message.   Job was calling for a rock, because he wanted to write down words of hope, words of promise and truth, that would help him make it through his wilderness experience.

That’s how we make it through difficult seasons, we remember promises from God that are not defined by our circumstances and we write it on a rock.  What are the promises from God that will get you through when life isn’t easy?   Here’s what needs to go on your rock:

  • Whatever is real. It needs to be something that is true, that you know you can  believe no matter what.
  • Whatever is forever.  It needs to be a truth that stands the test of time and even the test of eternity.  It isn’t a fad and will never grow old.
  • Whatever is central.  There are a lot of forever truths out there.  The Bible is full of them.  But there isn’t enough room on the rock for all of them.  What are the truths, what words of God, what promises are central to your life, core to your heart?

Do you want to hear what Job wrote on his rock?  This man who experienced more hardship in a few months than most of us will experience in a lifetime, was hanging on to these words:  (Job 19:25-27)

But as for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and he will stand upon the earth at last.  And after my body has decayed, yet in my body I will see God!  I will see him for myself.  Yes, I will see him with my own eyes.  I am overwhelmed at the thought!

Here is my translation of Job’s engraving:  My Redeemer Lives – So I Will Trust.   I will call out to my God for my God lives and no matter what live may throw at him, he stays standing.

My Redeemer Lives – So I Will Hope.  The best is yet to come.  No matter how good my circumstances are at this moment, nor how difficult, the best is yet to come.   One day I will see Him.

Finally God’s Love Wins – So I Will Not Fear.   When Jesus came he told us that God wants to be known as our Father.   You will see God, Job wrote, and Jesus said that this God who will stand victorious in the end, he is your father.  You know what?  If he is your father you have captured his heart.  If God’s love is more real to us than our circumstances, then everything that happens to us, or ever could happen to us, will be seen through the lens of God’s love.

Take a look at this video by Francis Chan — a few minutes to think through what life might look like with these truths on your rock.