Wish Her Happy Birthday For Me

May 10th 2013

We’ve been married a month short of 29 years. She’s been part of my life for over 32 years. In fact, I was smitten by her well before we started dating, I think before we even talked. I knew when she finished her shift making chocolate chip cookies in the college coffeeshop, and I would wait by my window to watch her walk by. (Yes there was stalking before facebook.)  But I didn’t really know if she liked me, didn’t know if I had a chance with her.  I didn’t know till the night we had a Bethel all-skate, and the last song at the roller-skating rink was girl ask guy…and she skated in my direction. And after that I went to every length possible to make sure that she knew I wanted us to happen.

So many memories…

  • Our first raquetball game… (yes I won and she didn’t let me)
  • Going to scary movies together… (her idea)
  • Watching her walk down the aisle… (there has never been a more beautiful bride)
  • Our first apartment in Brooklyn and our scary neighbors…
  • Raising our Kids…she is such an amazing mom…the best parts of Sarah, Katy, Jake and Josh have been shaped by her heart
  • Scaring our Kids…I chuckle every time I think about it
  • She is the Queen of the Practical Jokes…
  • Watching her kneel down in a manger in Bethlehem and seeing a single tear roll down her cheek
  • Walking together on multiple beaches, especially the one across the road from a little cottage…
  • Family Vacations…the Outer Banks during Hurricane Dennis, Orlando, Hawaii, and even that kinda gross condo in Missouri…such good memories

She has been my greatest fan through tough times; my ministry partner in recent times; my truth-teller in times when I need it; and my best friend all the time. I can laugh with her till my stomach hurts. I can complain about life with her until I feel better and she spurs me on in my pursuit of God by both her words and her example.

I love watching her love the kids in Myanmar and I love watching the kids love her. I can’t count the number of people for whom she has prayed. In many cases nobody will know what a difference she has made in the lives of others till we watch the tapes in heaven.

Every personality test we take, we end up almost polar opposites and yet it is hard to imagine God shaping anyone, anymore perfect for me. She is not just our better half, she actually makes my half better. 32 years together is not nearly enough. I pray there are many more to come.

I love Lynn…it is at best an imperfect love and I don’t do nearly enough to show her or tell her…but I decided tonight that on the eve of her birthday –I won’t say how young she is, but she is not quite as young as I am– that I would tell her and you.

If you know her wish her happy birthday for me.