The Whole World Meets at Nike…and Penn State

Aug 13th 2008

Well, not exactly, but close. I’m with my family this week in Orlando and today it rained, so we headed to the outlets. Of course everyone headed to the outlet mall, so it was hard to find a parking spot. Finally found a parking spot and then we walked halfway around the mall before we could find an entrance. Along the way, we debated whether a definition of hell might be “getting to the outlet mall but not finding a way in” or just “getting to the outlet mall.” I’ll let you guess which side I was on.

But anyway we finally got in the mall, I went with the boys, Lynn went with the girls… the guys headed to the Nike outlet store. The place was packed…but what was really interesting was walking around trying to decipher all the languages and countries represented in this one store. French, Egyptian, Japanese, English, I think German, and Spanish…and perhaps a handful of other Asian countries that I couldn’t identify. Everywhere I turned I saw another nationality and heard another language. It was like a mini-olympics.

You know where else that happens? You don’t have to go to Iraq to meet an Iraqi. You don’t have to go to Thailand to meet a Thai. You don’t have to go to Korea to meet a Korean. You don’t even have to go to Orlando. All you have to do is hangout at PSU…or even better yet…

1) Help out at the garage give-away being held at Calvary for International students. People are needed Thursday, Friday and Saturday to help set-up and good useful household items that you are willing to donate are needed as well. Contact Bill Saxton at if you can help.

2) Attend the International Welcome Picnic on Sunday August 17th from 4-8pm at Penn State’s Findlay Commons (East Halls). You will have the opportunity to meet and share with a variety of international students. Who know what God might do through them for you…or perhaps even through you for them.