The Amazing Gift of a Chance

Jun 08th 2010

I love these pictures. Children at the orphanage in Myanmar. Because of your generous giving, these kids are going to school. School is a gift we take for granted. In fact I’m fairly certain that my kids would not consider school a gift-wrapped wonder.  P1020295But think about this amazing gift for these 100+ children. P1020296

In Myanmar 10-20% of the children die (from preventable diseases such as diarrhea, P1020297malaria and pneumonia) before they celebrate their fifth birthday. That puts the kids in these pictures in the living 70%. The average family spends over 75% of its annual income on food which means there is little money to spend on education (it isn’t free in Myanmar). So you can understand why less than half of those 70% will finish at least 5 years of primary school. That puts these children in the top 35%. Children who don’t get an education are at an increased risk of child trafficking, and forced child labor.

I guess what I’m saying is that through your generosity, they have a chance. They have food to eat. Basic medical care. An education. Most of all they have people who love them and who tell them how much God loves them. You have given the kids in these pictures, the amazing gift… of a chance.

If you would like to take the opportunity to continue to give the amazing gift of a chance, the opportunities are seemingly unlimited. Click GIVE and select Myanmar Ministries in the box.  $25 will give a kid a month of chances.